Are you looking for easy trends to modernize and refresh your home? Look no further than the five newest home décor trends that won’t cause you to pick up a paintbrush or have you start ripping out your flooring. A super cute home with less work, sign us up!


Eco-friendly accents

Introducing natural elements into the home can be pleasing to the eye. Designers are seeing more people incorporate socially responsible design materials into their homes. Eco-friendly materials like jute, rice paper, and clay can be introduced into your space to help create a comfortable grounding vibe. Bonus: these materials don’t harm the planet and its precious resources!

Big bold plants

The jungalow vibe is going strong this year. It’s all about big, bold plants like a dragon tree a rubber tree or any kind of palm tree. If you are ready to turn a room into a green wonderland there are a few things to keep in mind. Before plant shopping determine where you will position your plants in your space. You’ll want to make sure the plants can survive and thrive in their new environment where they will be placed. Also, find out how much sunlight and water your plants will need. Some plants can be high maintenance. Plants bring a great pop of green color into any space and they are good for your health. Other natural textures you may want to incorporate into the look are jute rugs, storage baskets, rattan chairs, and woven wall-hangings.

Modern Retro – 70’s BoHo Chic

Many older design trends are coming back in style, such as velvet and geometric patterns. Design experts are expecting to see many nods to the 70’s era this year. 70’s chic decor is all warm palettes, funky textures and abstract silhouettes. Think elegant and luxurious, not eclectic like the 70’s just exploded all over your home. Think soft and unconventional textures and materials like velvet, tweed, leather, marble, metal, brass, and teak wood. Whimsical and abstract silhouettes, and vintage accessories make a retro glam-inspired space. Incorporating this trend into your home will bring out amazing personality into every living room or bedroom design.

Mementos & heirlooms will adorn walls & start conversations


If your photos have been living only on Instagram or Facebook for the past few years that’s about to change. The trend is to incorporate your mementos and heirlooms that tell stories into your overall design concept. They make for great conversation starters and add a personal touch to your space. Print your favorites and display them in chic, clean frames on your wall.

Design trends change rapidly but some of these trends just may turn out to be more than this year’s fad. In fact, there is a good chance that more than one of these ideas will make its way into your home décor for years to come.



For more trends follow favorite designers like Nate Berkus or Emily Henderson or check out Pinterest, Instagram and search the web for 2019 home décor trends for more inspiration.