So you’re trying to sell your home and it’s not bright and sunny out? The winter time can be a tough time to sell your home, as many real estate professionals will tell you, but it is not impossible. We don’t always have a choice as to when we have to sell a home and move. Perhaps it’s for work or for family or maybe they opened up a new IKEA across state lines and you want to be closer. Whatever the reason, we can help you with some tips for selling your home in the fall and winter months. 

Heat It Up!

Needless to say, people hate being cold, especially when they are shopping for a house. They want to go into a new home and have it be warm and inviting. You will spend a little extra on your utility bills but it is very worth it to have your home be warm and inviting for new buyers.


Safety First

Once you start getting snow and frost that doesn’t go away on its own due to melting in the daytime, it’s time to start seriously salting, shoveling, and otherwise plowing snow out of your walkways, both in front and back. Make sure you also clear an area in your grass in the back yard and around the house so that people can take a look around there without having to put on snowshoes. Also, make sure that you get rid of any and all icy patches and that you clean your gutters very well to prevent ice dam build ups which can lead to dangerous situations with falling ice.


Candle Power

Since it gets dark so early in the winter, you will want to make the lighting in your house very cozy. Start the fireplace for a bit before you show your house and also invest in some flame-free candle solutions like wax warmers and other light producing fixtures that can help bring some light and atmosphere to the otherwise dreary weather. 


Have An Extra Umbrella Ready

If you take care of your potential sellers, then they may just take care of you. Winter storms and rain can hit without notice in Idaho, so it helps to be prepared. If you have an extra umbrella or two to lend to a potential buyer as they are leaving during a sudden storm it could win you huge brownie points down the road!


Don’t Forget Sounds And Music

If you have a Bluetooth speaker or an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device, try putting on some relaxing holiday music to play softly in the background. This can help set the mood and is an easy and inexpensive way to help make a potential buyer feel more at ease. 


Avoid Decorations In General

If you want to make a buyer feel more inclined to buy, then it helps if the home they are looking at doesn’t have touches and artifacts of a family already living there. They want to imprint their own holiday and personal memories on to a home they are buying. So, make any holiday decorations very minimalist, and try to not decorate the outside either. You never know what holidays your buyers will be celebrating and the wrong holiday may be off putting to them. 


If you are thinking about buying or selling a home this winter, give Boise’s Best a call! We are experts in the Treasure Valley market and can help you with all of your real estate needs from buying, selling, investing, and beyond. Happy holidays!