Here are some great tips for getting your home ready to sell! We are always happy to share our thoughts and ideas with you. Fall is a great time to sell your home, give us a call and let’s make a game plan



Curb Appeal 

As the season starts to change you want to make sure you keep your yard, walkways, and windows clean and looking well maintained. Continue to mow the lawn, rake leaves, weed flower beds, and trim bushes until your home sells or the first snowfall. Many buyers decide on whether or not to buy a home by its outward appearance, so make sure your home shows well for them from the moment they drive by to the moment they walk up to your home and enter your front door. Also, you may want to consider hanging a fall wreath and adding a new door mat to make your front porch appear more inviting.



When it is time to sell your home, neutral colors are best. If you have paint that is tired or worn, consider freshening it up.  Also, if you have rooms in your home that are painted a bright color or a color that is unique to your style and taste then consider painting the room a more neutral color to help make it more attractive to buyers.


Accessorize Well

Bring in a pop of color with fun accents and decor. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to freshen up the look of your home for potential buyers. Fun colorful pillows, throws, and new rugs all help to add a splash of color to your home. Again, you want to make things neutral so others can visualize themselves and their things in your space, but you also want to make your home look inviting and attractive at the same time.


Art Placement

Art is subjective and personal. It is important to consider the placement of your art. Showcase things in groupings, which gives your art a much bigger impact as a focal point in the room. You’ll also want to depersonalize the space and take down any family photos.  If you are hanging an art piece on the wall, be sure to hang it 60 to 66 inches from the center of the piece to the floor.


Freshen up the Bathrooms

Freshen and update towels, shower curtain, and a rug in the bathroom. This helps demonstrates that the house is well maintained. Buy white towels, which help bring a spa or hotel like feeling into the bathroom and shows the home is well cared for.



Lighting helps create ambiance in a room. Adding more light, especially in rooms with few windows, will help make a room cozier and inviting. Maybe even consider freshening up your lamps or even the type of light bulbs you are using in your lamps. Also, before showing your home make sure you are bringing all the natural light into your home and turn on all the lights in every room. This will help your home look nice and bright and showcase your home in the best light, no pun intended.


What to do With a Spare Room

Consider the function of the rooms in your home. Do you have a spare room? Consider making these rooms either a guest room or an office. Convert a room so that people can see that each room has a function and purpose. Make each room as pretty and bright as you can to attract potential buyers to the home.


Clean Your Home

Clean, clean, and clean your home. A clean home is a well-loved and maintained home. This helps make an attractive home for potential buyers. You want to show that you have a lot of pride in your home, which will also help attract buyers. Be sure to clean up and keep your home nice and tidy before you have a showing.


Declutter Your Home

This is the number one rule to follow when staging your home to sell. Go through your home and pare down your personal items and things that you are no longer using. Consider donating items to a local shelter or Goodwill.  You want to look at your space and reduce the number of items in the room to help potential buyers focus on the size of the room. Make sure each room does not appear to be overly cluttered.  Also, take a close look at your furniture and what’s functional. If you are not using pieces of furniture or they are taking up too much space in the room, consider putting these items in storage until you sell the home or parting with the furniture you are no longer using.  The key is to pare things down to pure necessity and make sure each room is not overly cluttered. Again, you want to help the buyer envision what their life and things might look like in the home.