Just because we’re cooped up at home (most of the time) doesn’t mean that we have to be bored. As the summer kicks off it’s time to start getting creative when it comes to keeping ourselves and our family entertained and happy. Let’s go through some fun activities together that may inspire you to chase away the quarantine doldrums. 


Create Your Own Board Game (Or Play Your Existing Board Games Over Video Chat)

Creating your own board game is a fun and rewarding process that can pay off in hours of unique fun for you and your family. Get together and gather some basic supplies like dice, paper, cardboard, scissors, pens, pencils, markers, etc. This is part craft project and part brain exercise. You’ll want to sketch out a concept for the game itself and then start to create the main board, the rules, and the game pieces. Keep it simple at first, but once you have the core concept down you can customize and go wild! 

You can then playtest a few games and make tweaks to the rules along the way. Part of the fun is just finding out what works and what doesn’t work and all of the entertaining goofs that crop up.


Since we are all practically living on video chat, it’s also a perfect time to play common board games over video chat with friends and family in a kind of virtual game night. Since games like Monopoly, Checkers, and Candyland are in practically every home’s closet, you can each get out your own set and play virtually on your own board respectively. It’s fun and is a great way to while away the evening hours without having to go outside.


Explore The World...Virtually 

Just because we’re spending most of our time at home doesn’t mean that we can’t still explore the world! Google has a great set of curated content that allows you to explore the world virtually from the comfort of your keyboard. You can take tours of amazing museums from around the world, like the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. They have a whole website dedicated to expanding your arts and culture horizons virtually. Take a look here for more! 


Get Adventurous In The Kitchen

Yes, it’s very good to support local restaurants at this time, but it is also a great time to practice your skills in the kitchen. You can perfect your favorite recipe or branch out and learn new ones! The choice is yours. If you’d like to get a little crazy in the kitchen we have two great suggestions for you. The first is trying a fun and delicious recipe by the great Alton Brown. It is called lacquered bacon and it is a way to make a mouthwatering bacon/candy hybrid that will have you sneaking back for seconds. Check out the video here. 


Do you love pizza but don’t own a pizza stone or fancy pizza oven? If so, then do we have the recipe for you! Since it’s summertime and it’s time to get the barbeque going anyway, why not make the most amazing homemade pizza you’ve ever had in your barbeque while learning a new skill to boot? Here’s the full video so you can get started.


No matter what you decide to do with your time in quarantine, it’s important to savor the fun moments with your friends and family and to look on the bright side. Have fun and be safe out there!