All the world’s a stage, as they say. And your home is no exception. Why present potential buyers with the play entitled: “Dreary, Cluttered, Living Room,” when you could treat them to the next showing of, “Wow! My Friends Will Be So Jealous Of My New House!” instead? Only one of those “plays” is going to get your home sold faster and for more money. Why not get this show on the road and start staging your house for a command performance that will have buyers demanding an encore?


Light The Stage

One of the most important things to buyers is to be able to see the fine details of the house. This can be easily accomplished by keeping windows open and lights on during walkthroughs. The presence of soft, bright light can make things appear cleaner and more inviting. Consider getting all of your windows professionally cleaned and adjusted prior to your first showing. The bright, clean light will entice buyers, not to mention the ultra clean windows will give that same “brand new” impression that a fresh coat of paint would.


Big Art- Big Impression

Go big or go home, or in this case, go big IN your home (and go ahead and stay where you are because you are already home). Ok, so that second saying is a little more of a mouthful, but it’s nonetheless true. Take down your tiny picture frames and wall decorations and put them in storage for a while. Rent or buy some large framed art pieces with eye-catching colors and hang them up instead. A wall is like a canvas and the less left blank, the better. Larger pieces of art on the walls make the room itself feel larger. Combine this with a fun accent wall in your living room and you will be able to create a unique space that will leave a lasting impression that won’t break the bank.


Besides “curb appeal” the real first impression, and sometimes the strongest, is how a house smells. We’re not suggesting the old “trick” of putting cookies in the oven or anything like that, but it really pays to closely observe just how your house smells to new visitors. Consider getting all new trash cans and liners in every room. Smells can linger in them for weeks even after emptying them. Also, take control of your sink odors. Garbage disposal odors can waft through the entire house and can greet visitors with the unpleasant scent of food waste. Spend a little money to get your disposal and drainage tract professionally looked at and cleaned. At the very least, run a few gallons of bleach water through there followed by hot water to help get rid of the bleach scent. 



Plants are important not just for helping clean out greenhouse gases, but for making your house feel more alive and inviting. Consider popping down to your friendly neighborhood garden supply shop and pick up 4 or 5 pre-potted plants to place about your home. Your buyers will fall in love with a bright, clean house that has beautiful plants all around. 


Declutter and Depersonalize

The best and easiest tip is to declutter every showable area of your house. Make sure that everything is put away and organized and that your countertops are spotless. While you’re at it, take down every picture, refrigerator art, and any other personal items that may give the impression that somebody is already “living” there. The buyer wants to be able to easily imagine they are living there in this new house rather than have to feel like they are imposing on somebody who is already occupying that place. Out of sight, out of mind. 


With these tips and a little luck, your next home staging will have your house selling quickly and for more money. If you really put your mind to it, you can present buyers with a “play” that will put Broadway to shame. Bravo!