What can one expect when relocating to the Boise area?

What was once known to some as the "Arm Pit of the world" has stepped it up since the 80's. These days, Boise brings culture, arts, shopping, dining and so much more that a bigger city offers, yet we enjoy these amenities without the price or the crowd which typically accompany a good time. All this while still staying....well "Boise" in that we thrive in the comforts and safety we always have, even with the new amenities. 

Another popular feature celebrated by many Boiseans is our outdoor recreation! The fun never stops here. Year round you can find something for any activity level. For those 100 degree days the Treasure Valley offers multiple lakes to play in as well as the famous Boise River, which is a MUST FLOAT! If you are looking to bust a sweat, we have an abundance of hiking trails for all skill levels. The winter is when Boise really shines though. Take a short drive up to Bogus Basin, slip on your skis and cruise down the hill within an hour! Seriously, it is that close. 

Now, we do have relocation clients that often ask us where the best area to live is. That all depends on the individual and what is important to them. This is why we find it incredibly important to go into to great detail with our buyers on their wants and needs so that we can ensure we find the best area for them. After many years, we have learned to better help our relocation clients understand the area, we must take a tour....complete with a bit of wining and dining! We would love to give you spin on the boat too if that is your thing!

Clearly we like to have a good time here, and we certainly will if you choose to use us to relocate. Don't worry though. We understand how valuable your time and ours is. It is our priority to make sure you have a good time yes, but also to ensure you leave here knowing not just what a visit to Boise looks like, but what life in Boise looks like. 

We encourage you to reach out and ask your questions below. We are so excited to get you to Boise so we can share this amazing lifestyle with you!