Dec. 31, 2018

Housing and Real Estate Trends for 2019

2019 will be a year of change for nearly every industry, but especially real estate. We have a rise in younger and younger buyers who are mostly digital natives and are some of the savviest consumers to ever walk the earth. They can have access to reviews, property histories, and real estate agent profiles in seconds and in the palm of their hands. 2018 showed us that if you’re not careful, buyers can know more about a property than a seasoned real estate agent. And it’s just getting worse (or better, depending on your perspective). Here are a few trends to watch out for and to prepare for in 2019.


Home Inventory Will Rise

While 2018 was a banner year for real estate sales, it was also a banner year for builders and new construction. Inventory will continue to rise as builders get better budgets and more efficient at cranking out quality homes. Inventory is high and prices are remaining steady, especially when compared to the median consumer income. Income isn’t rising fast enough to keep up with inflation and home prices, so inventory will be rising as sales slump.

Millennials and Generation Z Are Going To Dominate The Market Share

Forget about Millennials. Their time has come and gone (almost). 2019 is the year that many Generation Z children are graduating from high school and college and are entering the real estate marketplace. By the end of 2019, over 40% of the workforce will be comprised completely of Millennials and Generation Z aged individuals. Are you prepared to sell to these two generations and to meet their ever-changing needs? The future is digital!


The Hammer is Coming Down on Airbnb And Similar Short Term Rentals

You know that when California passes a law on something, that other states (if not the nation) are soon to follow. In 2018 we saw some SWEEPING changes and regulations regarding short term rental property management. And none of it good for property owners. Neighborhoods and city municipalities are fighting back against the growing trend of short term housing rentals and it doesn’t look good for the future of the industry. If you’re thinking about investing in a property to list it on Airbnb and similar services, you may want to think again and move to a more long-term investment property.


Prices Will Continue to Rise

As sure as the morning sun, prices will continue to rise to keep up with inflation, rising labor costs, and unsure international trade and supply concerns. Expect to see prices continue to rise in 2019 even as inventory grows as well.


Find a Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

Enlisting the help of a qualified and experienced real estate agent is more important than ever. You need an agent with the knowhow to guide you through all of the new real estate trends. At Boise’s Best, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the real estate market in the Treasure Valley. Contact us in 2019 to talk about your real estate goals.


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Dec. 12, 2018

New Year's Resolutions-Steps to Declutter Your Living Space

It’s that time of year again;  time to make New Year’s resolutions. After reading this last sentence we all probably gave a long sigh and thought about the resolutions we didn’t keep for 2018. Usually, the lists we make are just too hard or we don’t properly plan for them. This year, make an achievable resolution to declutter your living space. Having a clutter-free home is a great resolution and can help keep you organized for the rest of the goals on your list. Here are some simple steps to get you there.


Take it one room at a time. Every project starts somewhere and when it comes to decluttering, take it slow. Most of us give up on projects because they are daunting. If you approach the decluttering process a bit at a time, you won’t give up on it entirely. Start by working on one room at a time and don’t rush. You don’t have to finish in one day or even one week. Simply work room by room until the job is complete.



Start with the obvious trash. The easiest way to begin decluttering is to first get rid of trash. Old magazines? Trash. Knick knacks from three years ago? Gone. The most stressful part of decluttering is figuring out what to keep and what to ditch.


Only keep what has value. Once the trash is gone, you now must decide what you want or need. The rest needs to leave. The easiest way to make this decision is to hold the object in your hand and ask yourself, “How do I feel about this object?” If you have a strong positive reaction, keep it. If not, get rid of it. And if this approach doesn’t work, set a quota for yourself. If your shelf only holds ten pictures, which ten mean the most to you?


Find a home for what matters. Once you have the room pared down to only the objects you want, put the items away. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” If there isn’t room for it, do you really need it? Or if you can’t live without it, isn’t there something else you could part with?


Don’t clean until a room is clutter-free. Don’t confuse decluttering with cleaning. It is much easier to dust a shelf if there is less on it. Don’t start cleaning until the room hold the items you are keeping. This will not only make cleaning easier for you, but it will also make the decluttering process move more quickly. Do one job at a time.


Ring in the New Year with a decluttered home and one resolution checked off. Happy Holidays!

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Nov. 29, 2018

The Idaho Wine Lover’s Guide To Holiday Shopping

You know who you are. You love it red. You love it white. And, when no one is looking, you enjoy a glass of the pink stuff. That’s right, you’re today’s modern wine lover. If you have purple-stained teeth at least twice a week then you’re going to want to get the best gifts for both yourself and your best wine-drinking friends and family this year. If you or someone you love is a wine lover, here are a few of our favorite gift ideas that are lighting up our wine cellars this year.

Wine And Food!

You can’t go wrong by getting the wine-lover in your life something simple like, let’s say, wine! Stop by Divine Wine, Cork & Fork in northwest Meridian today and pick up a few gift cards for the wine lovers on your list. Also, you should stop and enjoy a glass yourself. They offer hors d’oeuvres from fresh pan seared scallops and steak to mouth-watering desserts like creme brulee and molten fudge cake. Enjoy a song or two on their outdoor patio that features a real grand piano! You’ll be glad you did.


Great Wine By The Case

While you’re out shopping for gift cards, stop by Boise’s hit new place to pick up an amazing bottle of wine: The Gulch Wine Room off of Chinden near the fairgrounds. The Gulch is the perfect place to pick up a few of the best quality wines in the country for under $50 and sometimes closer to $20. The wine is made in Ketchum, Idaho and is from a family owned winery. The Gulch offers outstanding wines at a price point that will make you smile. As all wine drinkers know, when it comes to wine vs beer, the buzz is always better with wine. They offer amazing deals on wines by the case as well. So, buy a case and keep a few bottles for yourself while you’re gifting them to friends.


Handy Hand Tools For The Elite Wine Drinker

Ever heard of Swiss Army knives? You may have had one as a Boy or Girl scout or you may even have one in your pocket right now. What you may not know is that they offer the world’s most sophisticated wine utility knife. The knife is called, (appropriately enough) the Wine Master and it commands a solid $150.00 price tag. But, rest assured, it is worth every penny and then some. The Wine Master has 6 main tools including, for the first time ever in a pocket knife configuration, a functional two step tool for uncorking even the toughest bottles. In addition to the corkscrew it has a bottle opener, a wavy-edged blade that is custom designed to cut wine bottle foil which also locks into place for safety, and a key ring. The knife comes with it’s own custom leather pouch. The handle is made from natural stained walnut wood.

So, if you have a wine lover in your life, treat them to the very best. With a new gift card for some local craft wines and a new Wine Master Swiss Army knife, they will fall in love with wine all over again and be toasting your name for years to come. Cheers!

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Nov. 19, 2018

Snow Time Like The Present: Your Idaho Winter Adventure Planning Guide

People tend to spend a lot of time looking forward to the summer months in order to have road trips and explore the outdoors, but forget about all of the adventure that winter has to offer. There are those of us that prefer a toasty winter coat and a steaming mug of fresh hot cocoa over sunburns and itchy bug bites. After all, humankind conquered winter long before AC was invented. Winter is the original time of year for adventure. Your crops were dormant and many of your trade routes were snowed over. With little else to do around the homestead, it was time to create your own adventures and activities to pass the time and ward off cabin fever. We’ve put together an authentic Idaho-centric winter adventure guide that will keep you and your family entertained from now until springtime. Enjoy!

First Event: Take an Epic Idaho Road Trip. Recommended in November.

Get the family ready for a road trip like no other. It starts in Boise and loops around the entire state and ends back in Boise. The trip is about 40 hours of driving over 10 days. You will travel from Boise north to McCall, Lewiston, and finally Bonners Ferry in the panhandle. Then you will loop east and south down to Salmon to Idaho Falls then to Twin Falls and Stanley while finally looping back to Boise from Stanley. This trip is such a good showcase of Idaho and everything she has to offer. The complete guide can be found here from the Visit Idaho website. That PDF lays out the entire map and details every leg of the journey. It also includes recommendations for great places to eat and stay along the way! 

This is such a great road trip that will help you and your family enjoy so much of what Idaho has to offer that will be unlike any other family vacation they’ve seen before. Pack up the ol’ station wagon and head out! You’ll be glad you did.

Sleigh Ride Adventures: Mid to Late December

Nothing says “Christmas Time” quite like a sleigh ride. The family is going to love dashing through the snow in these fantastic and authentic horse drawn sleigh adventures. There are many great places in Idaho to enjoy a transcendent sleigh ride this winter, but our favorite is in Garden Valley at Idaho Sleigh Rides. 

Believe us, it’s worth the journey from Boise to spend an enchanted winter evening peacefully gliding along the snow, bundled up tight in your winter jacket and mittens as the sleigh bells ring off the trees. After your sleigh ride, you are treated to an authentic dutch oven dinner with a side of homemade bread and warm cider. As you’re enjoying your dinner, they will also provide live music. Besides actually meeting Santa Clause, it doesn’t get much more Christmas than that!

The Great McCall Winter Carnival: Late January

You’ve never seen a carnival like this! McCall is home to a lot of things. Celebrities like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger may live in the slightly swankier Sun Valley, but the real party happens in McCall every year. Get the family to McCall this year and see what some people call the “Winter Mardis Gras” is a celebration “of all things winter” according to the McCall Chamber of Commerce website. 

McCall Winter Carnival Dates: January 25, 2019 – February 3, 2019

Theme: Legends, Myths and Superheroes

“During Carnival, enjoy our famous snow sculptures, Torchlight and Mardi Gras Parades, live music, daily events spanning everything from comedy shows to art auctions, snowbike races to the Monster Dog Pull and much more.”

The Winter Carnival is a great time to celebrate and say goodby to winter in one last hurrah! It’s a perfect last stop on your Idaho winter adventure tour.

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Oct. 26, 2018

Northwest Meridian, Idaho: Hidden Treasure in The Gem State


Just because Boise is the most popular girl at the ball doesn’t mean that Meridian’s dance card isn’t full. It is the third largest city in the state and is one of the fastest growing in the entire nation according a recent Idaho business Review report. The city is growing at a massive pace as more and more people discover its charms. It has great golf courses, gourmet restaurants, and first class live entertainment. Meridian has been recently ranked in the top 50 “Best Places to Live” by Time magazine. It’s a great place to buy a home! Northwest Meridian has many great homes for sale that are perfect for families who want a quiet homelife with quick access to the “big city fun” in downtown Boise. Let’s look at a few highlights of what this great city has to offer.



If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then you can’t help but fall madly in love with Meridian. If you like a good steak (and who doesn’t?) you should head on over to Kahootz Steak and Ale House located off of Main Street downtown. It has one thing in common with a lot of businesses in Idaho: It’s family owned and operated. Two friends partnered up to bring healthy and fine dining together with an inviting atmosphere. John Forsberg and Joe Anderson founded Kahootz Steak and Ale House in 2002 and the rest is history! Stop on by for one of the best steaks in Idaho and one of their 43 beers on tap. 


If you’re feeling more like Italian, then you have to check out Garbonzo’s Pizza. They make their dough fresh daily and let it age to perfection before hand tossing it into the perfect crust. Their cheese and toppings are sourced locally from other Idaho businesses. They deliver but also have a great dining space. But, don’t take our word for it! Give them a try next pizza night. 



Hit the links at the majestic Lakeview Golf Club. It is one of Idaho’s best golf attractions. It features over 6,521 yards of playing area on its competitive 18 hole par 72 course. If you’re a golfer and are looking for a great place to live, then you might want to buy a house close to this course. Imagine waking up every Saturday morning and strolling or biking down to your favorite course. Or hitting a quick nine with your buddies after work. The possibilities are endless! Check out more features here:


  • Competitive Rates
  • An 18 Hole, Par 72 Golf Course
  • Junior Programs
  • Full Tournament Programs
  • Private Carts Allowed
  • GolfBoards!
  • Golf Lessons and Packages
  • Driving Range and Practice Facility
  • Restaurant and Bar with Nightly Specials
  • Beautiful Setting for Weddings and Special Events
  • Located just 5 minutes from the Ten Mile Interchange at I-84


Great Home Prices

While the food and golf may be great, you also have to think of how you’re going to be living day to day. The good news is that Northwest Meridian offers fantastic homes at great prices. Many of the homes in the area are new construction or have been built within the last decade. Houses can be found for about $126 to $169 per square foot, depending on the neighborhood. Just like in the rest of the state, your dollar goes a long way when buying a house here. 


This is but a taste of what Northwest Meridian has to offer. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us today to let us be your guide to one of Idaho’s best hidden gems. 

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Oct. 12, 2018

The Perfect Menu for Your Next Fall Dinner Party

Boise's Best Fall Menu Planning Guide

It’s fall (finally!) and the leaves around Boise are turning a spectacular shade of orange and yellow. The wind has a little bite to it and the nights leave morning frost instead of dew. This is the perfect time to put another log on the fire and invite friends and family over for a delicious home cooked dinner. We have put together a perfect menu for your next dinner party this fall. 


Drinks: Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte Bar

Let’s start with the apps and the drinks. We want everything to be on-theme so your guests will be sipping on homemade pumpkin spice lattes that you can serve iced or hot. Yes, there are many jokes and snide Twitter comments about pumpkin spiced lattes and the people who enjoy them, but they are popular for a reason: they are delicious! Here’s how you can make a huge batch of them for the party with ease. You’ll have a full pumpkin spiced latte bar up and running in no time! Just make sure to save some for yourself as they will go fast. 

Boise's Best Real Estate

Appetizers: Rosemary and Sea Salt Chips With Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip

For the appetizer, we are going for a mix of a classic with a new twist. Potatoes are all the rage these days and making your own artisanal chips at home has never been easier. You’ll be serving handmade rosemary and sea salt chips with a warm spinach-artichoke dip. With this one-two flavor punch, your guests will never know what hit them. The hearty chips are perfect for dipping and the hint of rosemary, a fall staple, will take the whole affair to the next level. Here is the recipe for the chips and the recipe for the dip can be found here, courtesy of Alton Brown


Main Course Drink: Warm Spiced Mulled Wine

Staying on brand for our fall dinner party, we are going to be serving hot spiced mulled wine. You can make this ahead and just keep it simmering on low until dinner is ready to serve. The beautiful thing about mulled wine is that it is a great pallet for experimentation. Try a few dashes and pinches of your favorite fall flavors like pear, cocoa, mango, or ginger. The final flavor is up to you but it is always delicious. Here’s a great recipe from Ina Garten’s kitchen. How bad can that be?


Main Course Dish: Oktoberfest Beer Holiday Chili

The great thing about chili besides how it tastes is that it is deceptively easy to make. For this dinner party we are going to be serving crock pot “Oktoberfest” beer chili that you can make hours ahead of the party and let simmer all day filling the house with warmth and sumptuous smells. What’s special about this chili is that it has its flavor backbone supplied by the year’s most flavor-packed beer: Oktoberfest. No summer or spring beer comes close to the depth and richness of flavor that the average Oktoberfest beer has. They are typically darker and malt driven and have complex notes of citrus and spice. All of which makes for the perfect chili! We recommend using Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest as it is a top shelf quality beer that is widely available. For the chili recipe, we recommend this one, which is a slow cooker beef chili with beer


Dessert: Homemade Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Going “traditional” has been the officially “non-traditional” thing to do lately. So, we are rounding out this fall themed dinner party meal with a very traditional dessert with a small twist. We are serving a homemade pumpkin pie ice cream instead of just plain old pumpkin pie that can be made in your freezer without expensive and cumbersome ice cream making equipment. Find the recipe here! This can be made a day or two ahead of time as well. Simply mix, stir, pour, and freeze!



We hope you enjoyed this festive fall menu. Feel free to use it for your next fall or even Christmas get together to help you take a little pressure off of the planning stage of things. Fall is a time for contemplation, relaxation, and spending time with valued friends and family. May this menu help you enjoy your next fall party a little bit more. If you don’t currently have the perfect home to host your next dinner party, then please give us a call and we will help you find the home of your dreams in the Treasure Valley and beyond! Contact us today to get started.

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Sept. 28, 2018

Keeping Your Yard Safe For Pets Year-Round

Boise Real Estate Pet Safety Guide

The great American backyard. It’s a place for epic barbeques. It’s where your childhood swing set lives. You built your first treehouse out there. It’s where you and your dad had your first game of catch. The American backyard is hallowed ground for many of us, but it is also where your pets spend most of their time. Your backyard should be a safe and fun environment for your pets and should be a place where they too can relax, stay cool, and have some fun. We’ll explore several key things you can do to make sure your backyard is perfect for your pets. 

Pool covers and fences 

Don’t get us wrong, having a pool is great for your dog (and some cats too)! However, just like with human children, leaving a dog in the backyard with an open pool is a recipe for disaster. If you have a pool or hottub, make sure you have a secure cover and even a sturdy fence or railing to keep both two legged and four legged children from falling in on accident. 

Hydration station

We humans don’t walk around all year with a thick fur coat on, so it’s easy to forget that our dogs do. Dogs can suffer from heat stroke and dehydration in the fall and spring months just as much as in the middle of summer. Their thick fur and lack of sweat glands are a recipe for trapping heat and the need more water, even during cooler months. Make sure that you keep a fresh water bowl or automatic station outside for your pets, especially if they are not allowed inside during the day while you’re away. 

Boise Real Estate for Buyers

Plenty of shade

Many of us keep our dogs in the backyard during the day while we’re away at work. This is great, but make sure that fido has plenty of cool shade to hang out in. Otherwise they can overheat in the direct sunlight. If they have a doghouse, make sure it has adequate insulation and ventilation so that they can stay cool even in the hot summer. 

Plant barrier between grass and fence

Dogs love to think they are little escape artists. One way to make sure they stay away from the fence and prevent them from testing for vulnerable areas is to plant thick vegetation or trees close to the fence between the grass. Prickly bushes like roses, natal plum, or blackberry are ideal for keeping your fence intact and your dog in your yard. They also have the added bonus of being extra security against unwanted human prowlers. A nest of prickly thorns at the base of a fence will ruin just about any would-be burglar’s day (or night).

Fence maintained 

Making sure your fence is maintained is essential to keeping your pet in, yes, but it’s almost more important that it keeps unwanted animal visitors out. If you live in an area like Boise or Meridian that is close to mountains or foothills, then you are at risk for being in coyote or mountain lion territory. It is not uncommon for packs of curious and hungry coyotes to wander into residential neighborhoods looking for an easy meal. Same thing goes for mountain lions and even stray neighborhood dogs. Some dogs escape their owner’s backyard and roam the neighborhood looking for fights. These are the threats that you want to keep out of your backyard and away from your pets. 

All in all, no backyard is perfect, but every backyard is unique to the quintessential American experience. If you take some time and put a little elbow grease into it, you can make your backyard a great place for you, your family, and your pets.

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Sept. 13, 2018

Staging to Sell: Make Your Home Irresistible to Buyers And Sell For More

All the world’s a stage, as they say. And your home is no exception. Why present potential buyers with the play entitled: “Dreary, Cluttered, Living Room,” when you could treat them to the next showing of, “Wow! My Friends Will Be So Jealous Of My New House!” instead? Only one of those “plays” is going to get your home sold faster and for more money. Why not get this show on the road and start staging your house for a command performance that will have buyers demanding an encore?


Light The Stage

One of the most important things to buyers is to be able to see the fine details of the house. This can be easily accomplished by keeping windows open and lights on during walkthroughs. The presence of soft, bright light can make things appear cleaner and more inviting. Consider getting all of your windows professionally cleaned and adjusted prior to your first showing. The bright, clean light will entice buyers, not to mention the ultra clean windows will give that same “brand new” impression that a fresh coat of paint would.


Big Art- Big Impression

Go big or go home, or in this case, go big IN your home (and go ahead and stay where you are because you are already home). Ok, so that second saying is a little more of a mouthful, but it’s nonetheless true. Take down your tiny picture frames and wall decorations and put them in storage for a while. Rent or buy some large framed art pieces with eye-catching colors and hang them up instead. A wall is like a canvas and the less left blank, the better. Larger pieces of art on the walls make the room itself feel larger. Combine this with a fun accent wall in your living room and you will be able to create a unique space that will leave a lasting impression that won’t break the bank.


Besides “curb appeal” the real first impression, and sometimes the strongest, is how a house smells. We’re not suggesting the old “trick” of putting cookies in the oven or anything like that, but it really pays to closely observe just how your house smells to new visitors. Consider getting all new trash cans and liners in every room. Smells can linger in them for weeks even after emptying them. Also, take control of your sink odors. Garbage disposal odors can waft through the entire house and can greet visitors with the unpleasant scent of food waste. Spend a little money to get your disposal and drainage tract professionally looked at and cleaned. At the very least, run a few gallons of bleach water through there followed by hot water to help get rid of the bleach scent. 



Plants are important not just for helping clean out greenhouse gases, but for making your house feel more alive and inviting. Consider popping down to your friendly neighborhood garden supply shop and pick up 4 or 5 pre-potted plants to place about your home. Your buyers will fall in love with a bright, clean house that has beautiful plants all around. 


Declutter and Depersonalize

The best and easiest tip is to declutter every showable area of your house. Make sure that everything is put away and organized and that your countertops are spotless. While you’re at it, take down every picture, refrigerator art, and any other personal items that may give the impression that somebody is already “living” there. The buyer wants to be able to easily imagine they are living there in this new house rather than have to feel like they are imposing on somebody who is already occupying that place. Out of sight, out of mind. 


With these tips and a little luck, your next home staging will have your house selling quickly and for more money. If you really put your mind to it, you can present buyers with a “play” that will put Broadway to shame. Bravo! 

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Aug. 22, 2018

Got The Air Quality Blues? Use Plants to Make Your Air Safer to Breathe Indoors

Our Guide to Filling Your House With Air Filtering Plants

Smog Idaho's Best Real Estate


The air quality right now in Boise and the rest of the Pacific Northwest is pretty terrible. Excess smoke in the air has caused heightened respiratory problems and forced many Idaho kids to stay indoors this summer. Well, the air indoors isn’t much better. With wildfires raging and hardly a drop of rain since June 17th, we are in need of some relief from this smoky air. We’re going to explore four common houseplants that you can buy at your friendly neighborhood garden supply store that will help clear your home’s air of dangerous toxins.


Spider Plant (AKA Chlorophytum Comosum 'Vittatum')

Spider Plant


This is not only a powerhouse in filtering toxins from your home’s air, but it is also very easy to take care of! Spider Plants originated from Africa, but have been flourishing around the globe as houseplants for many years. They typically like to hang in baskets and like cooler indoor temperatures between 65*F and 90*F. They only require watering once or twice a month and thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. Perfect for a kitchen or living room. 


Snake Plant (AKA Sansevieria Trifasciata)

Snake Plant Boise Idaho

By Mokkie - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Snakes and spiders, oh my! While the names for these top two plants are unpleasant, their effects on your household’s air quality is anything but. Fill your bedrooms with this sneaky snake plant (also known as “Mother-in-Law’s tongue,” but you didn’t hear that from US!) because they can survive in low light levels and occasional watering. During winter months, they can go up to two months between watering sessions. Beware, though. They are susceptible to rot if overwatered. These are also great to have in a bedroom because they release their clean oxygen at night time as opposed to during the day. Keep your friends close and your snake plants even closer!


Aloe Vera  (AKA Aloe Vera)

Aloe Boise Idaho

By Collage by en:User:MidgleyDJ, original images from Wikimedia commons (Image:Aloe_vera_offsets.jpg and Image:Aloe_vera_C.jpg) - See author., CC BY-SA 3.0,


Aloe vera is already a well regarded plant due to its use as a topical medicinal agent for thousands of years, but did you know it also is a top air purifying plant as well? Aloe is good for you both inside and out. It is considered a succulent and survives with little rainfall in its natural environment, which makes it a very hardy houseplant. They don’t like standing water, though, so make sure they have good drainage when potting them. They are great at clearing formaldehyde from the air, which is a common air pollutant in modern American homes. 


Bamboo Palm (AKA Chamaedorea Seifritzii)

Bamboo Boise Idaho

By Taken byfir0002 | 5D II + Canon 400mm f/5.6 L - Own work, GFDL 1.2,


Bamboo is a very pleasant and fairly uncommon houseplant, at least here in the PNW. This is a great addition to the home arsonal for fighting indoor air pollution because it is easy to maintain and filters out three known harmful pollutants: benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene. Bamboo is also pet friendly, in case one of your dogs or cats likes to chew on houseplants. It likes bright light or even full sun. They can grow to be quite tall, so plan accordingly!

While the smoke in the air may not be getting better outside, you can make a difference inside by adding these four plant purifiers to your home.





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Aug. 9, 2018

Boise, Idaho is The Country’s Top Relocation Choice and We Have The Articles to Prove It

Boise's Best Real Estate Idaho Guide

If you already live in Boise, then congratulations. You are among the select few in our great country who can say that they were in on the ground floor of what will be the nation’s next major and most beloved city. Idaho has been one of the best kept secrets for many years now and in the age of Facebook and Instagram, the secret is getting out. If you are thinking of moving to Boise, then you’d better hurry before it’s too late. But, don’t take our word for it. We have been featured prominently in not one, but FIVE major publications in the past year alone. Let’s explore a few and see what they have to say about our little (for now!) city.


They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While anatomically incorrect, the sentiment is dead on. Food (and drink) matter and if you’re not getting what you deserve out of your city’s cuisine, then why are you living there? Just this month (August, 2018), USA Today published a breathless expose on Boise’s white hot food and wine scene, in which they detail many of the top food and drink spots in our little hamlet. Here’s a link to the article and a small excerpt that features one of Boise’s greatest guilty pleasure eateries, The STIL: 


In a city with a row of downtown restaurants that source locally and boast picture-perfect patios, plus three new taco eateries, two acclaimed hotel restaurants and a slew of specialty food shops, there is one place where you might have to wait in line. It serves two things: ice cream and alcohol.

Boise's Best House Buying Guide

To go with our big appetites for great food and booze, we have a big taste for adventure. Boise was also recently featured in Lonely Planet’s popular blog as the #2 place in their “Best in the US. Places to Visit in 2018” list. They definitely mention our thriving food and art scene, but they also take time to mention that Idaho has an abundance of natural treasure as well. Excerpt:


Being in close proximity to a wealth of natural riches, urban adventures easily transition into outdoor escapes. Meander through the Boise River Greenbelt, a 25-mile park in the heart of the city, or head into the surrounding mountains and foothills for hiking, mountain biking, skiing and river rafting.


The thing is, Idaho isn’t just a great place to eat, drink, and explore. It’s also a great place to build a business and secure a great career. Forbes recently awarded Boise one of the nation's top 20 cities for young professionals. “We used six metrics crucial to recent graduates: salary, rent, employment prospects, networking opportunities and social outlook,” the author Samantha Sharf wrote. On that list, Boise beat other major cities like Portland, San Diego, and Nashville. Forbes must really love Boise because we were also featured in an article about us being one of America’s fastest growing cities in 2018, and an article that came out on June 13th, 2018 called “Booming Boise: My Relocation to the Fastest Growing City in America.” 

Boise's Best Real Estate Burger Guide

So, if you’re thinking of moving to or buying a house in Boise, you’d better make your move sooner rather than later before someone else snags up your new dream home! Boise's Best Real Estate has Idaho's most comprehensive relocation guide to help equip you with everything you need to know about setting down roots in our beautiful state. Get your free copy of the relocation guide here. Come to the place where the beer is cold, the mountains are close, and the jobs are plentiful.


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