It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are finally over and springtime is just around the corner. With the changing of the seasons and the new year starting off, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your home-buying strategy. With the New Year in full swing, the time to get yourself out shopping and exploring the market is now. The opportunities are boundless, all you have to do is break free of your winter hibernation and seize the day!


While you’re out making the day yours in terms of buying your next investment property or your new dream home, we’ll give you some tips and advice from the experts on how to zero in on the perfect home for you and your family. 



Try Before You Buy

Now, of course you can’t live in a house before you buy it or even put an offer on it, but you can do some things that can help you make a better buying decision before you do move in. First, if you’ve already done a walk-through of the house, then you’ll want to come back either in early morning when school buses and parents are rushing through the neighborhood to get their kids to school or later in the evening after regular business hours. Is the house you’re looking at situated alongside a major traffic artery for grumpy and rushed parents as they zoom past your house to and from school to drop off or pick up their kids? If you check out a house during normal business hours, you’re likely not going to see this, until it’s too late. Living next to a busy street that is a major artery for school-bound traffic can be loud, dangerous (all those speeders!), and a hidden inconvenience that you will want to avoid.


Explore After Hours

You should also drive by the house after work hours between 6pm and 8pm. Check and see how the neighbors are acting or parking or if there are a lot of noisy visitors or party houses on the block. When you take a tour during business hours, you’ll often miss or not see the party houses or loud neighbors because they are either sleeping last night’s party off or are away at work. Take a walk or a drive through the neighborhood during the evening to see how the neighbors are acting. Also, you’ll want to be listening for loud dogs or other animals in the area surrounding the house you’re interested in. If there are loud or angry dogs around, you’ll maybe want to pick a new neighborhood for your next dream home. 


Talk To The Neighbors

This one is a little trickier, but it can be a good idea to chat with the would-be neighbors on either side of the house. Since you will be potentially spending a lot of time around them and interacting with them, you will want to vet them before you’re forced to live next to them. Ask them about neighborhood noise as well. They will be glad to tell you about everything that has been bothering them about the area, no problem!


Good luck out there in the new year and remember, it never hurts to do a little more exploring and investigating when it comes to your new home! Boise’s Best is here for all your real estate needs. Give us a call and let’s make a plan today!