Meridian, Idaho is one of the very best places to live in the state and an argument can be made that it is the best place to buy a home and live in the Treasure Valley itself. Yes, Boise often is the most talked about destination, but Meridian is such a great city that offers (in many ways) much more than Boise, all while being very close to Boise! Meridian is an often overlooked but in many ways a better place to live and raise a family. Let’s take a look at some critical differences between buying a house and living in Boise versus Meridian. 

Crime Rates Are Lower In Meridian 

While Idaho is among the top safest places in the nation and even the entire world to live, Boise is home to one of the highest crime rates in the state. As more and more people start to move there and the city grows, so does the crime rate. The latest numbers show that Boise’s crime rate is 211.7 while Meridian’s is 127.7. That is a 49% difference! If you buy a house in Meridian, you can expect to see 49% less overall crime. When people are choosing to relocate to another city from out of state, safety for their family is typically a number one concern. The numbers speak for themselves! Meridian is a great place to live if low crime rate is important to you.


Home Prices Are Better

Right now, the median list price per square foot in Meridian is $174 per square foot while Boise’s is slightly higher at $176. Meridian home values have been trending steadily upwards as of 2012 and are predicted to increase another 4.8% by August of 2020. Buying a house sooner rather than later is going to be your best bet while you can take advantage of that predicted equity growth. If you are moving to Idaho and your workplace is in Boise, then you could live in Meridian and get a larger house for the same budget and your commute from downtown Meridian to Downtown Boise is only 17 minutes by car or 54 minutes by bike to cover the 11 mile distance. 


Compare that to a big city like New York and the 17 minute daily commute time is almost laughably short. If you were to start in Lower Manhattan and commute to Fort George, which is also 11 miles, you’re looking at 55-60 minutes by car, 55 minutes by subway, or 65 minutes by bike. Aside from home prices, it's also important to consider which moving company is best for your needs and your budget. Check out this comprehensive guide to picking the best moving company based on in-depth reviews.


Meridian Is A Prime Entertainment Destination

Whether you’re a thrill seeker or more of a homebody, Meridian is the place for you. In recent years, the city government of Meridian has put some serious effort into making their fair city a true destination for the people of Idaho and beyond. Meridian is home to some of the best and newest entertainment spots in all of Idaho which include: Meridian Speedway, The Village at Meridian, and Settler’s Park to name a few. Oh, and did we mention that Meridian is home to Idaho’s largest water park and only theme park? Wahooz Family Fun Zone and Roaring Springs Water park are both located in lovely Meridian.



So, if you’re looking for a place that has low crime, great home prices, and endless family entertainment, then Meridian, Idaho is the place for you. Contact us today to get your move to Meridian started or if you have any questions at all about Idaho real estate.