‘Tis the season to spread holiday love and cheer to those far and near. There is no better way to do that this holiday season than baking up some sweet treats to share. In a time when being close to your loved ones may be challenging, we have some great recipes and tricks to share to remind them how sweet you are. So preheat your oven and get your measuring cups ready. These recipes are sure to brighten the season!

Chocolate Chip

Christina Tosi has been rocking the dessert world with her no frills take on classic American desserts. She is famous for creating heartwarming and nostalgic desserts unlike anything anyone has ever had, like cereal milk ice cream. Her Chocolate Chip cookies will make you the hit of the holiday pleasing all your little elves and reminding Santa just how good you have been all year. 


Pro Tip: GET THE REAL STUFF! – whether it is dark chocolate or vanilla extract, don’t scrimp getting imitations. There is no substitute for the real stuff, and it will make all the difference in your holiday treats. 


Sugar Cookie

No Christmas is complete without sugar cookies. These pillowy cookies are usually cut out in your favorite holiday designs and decorated with love and oh so many sprinkles. Cutler’s of Boston is world famous for their sugar cookies and when you make this recipe you will see why. The bakers at a Bountiful Kitchen cracked the code and are sharing this perfect take on the classic cookie with you. There are two camps in the sugar cookie world, buttercream frosting or glaze. Luckily this recipe includes both icing choices so no matter what you like on top you can get your sugar fix with this tried-and-true recipe.


Pro Tip: CREAM YOUR BUTTER AND SUGAR TOGETHER! - Whether mixing by hand or in a blender it is important to cream your butter and sugar together for at least two minutes. We get our butter and sugar in the blender for at least seven minutes while we get the other ingredients ready. We promise you will taste the difference.


Gingerbread Cookie

For the best take on this holiday classic we always go back to the queen of holiday entertaining, Martha Stewart. Her Gingerbread cookie recipe will have your home smelling of the holidays. Cut them into any shape or build them into a gorgeous cookie house, the only thing more fun than decorating these cookies is getting to eat them!


Cold Boise winter days are perfect for getting into the kitchen and filling your home with holiday smells and holiday cheer. Dropping off a plate of cookies to a friend or family is a great way to remind them of how much you care. In times when we cannot be as near as we would like, a bite of a homemade cookie is a thoughtful way to show you care. All of these cookies are perfect for shipping so you can share near and far.


We hope these recipes warm your hearts and homes as much as they do ours.