If you’re a kid trick-or-treating in Boise, you’ve gotta be tough because it will be cold and possibly snowing. You also have to know all the best places to go trick-or-treating like Harrison Blvd. and to certain shops downtown (if you know where to look). But, as a homeowner, there are some things that you should know too. You want to end each Halloween night with a sack full of candy as a kid and with a mostly empty bowl as a grown up. At the end of the night, we also want everybody to make it home safe and sound. Let’s go over some important Halloween safety tips that you can keep in mind this year as a homeowner during the Halloween season.

Light it up!

It’s important that you have your lights on not only on your porch but in the front of your house as well. Make sure that your bulbs are burning bright and are functioning properly. It’s also not a terrible idea to put an extra outdoor-safe light fixture out during that night to get extra illumination for hasty trick or treaters who may not have full vision due to masks and face paint. You can even incorporate your extra lighting into your decorations to make it more fun for everyone. It’s important to have proper lighting because you don’t want people tripping or falling and getting hurt while they are running up to your door for free candy.


Decorate carefully

Definitely have lots of fun decorations, but make sure that they are not blocking walkways or making it difficult to see around corners or obstacles. Keep decorations to the sides of your house and to the center of the lawn off the main walkways. You can even put up a discreet sign as well that can guide people to the correct and safest walking path if you have a lot of decorations. 


Use approved, store bought candy

It may be tempting to make your own treats or to pass out treats that a family member gave you, but be careful. You will want to be conscious of certain allergies that kids may have and they won’t know what they are eating if the food isn’t properly labeled. It’s better to just enjoy the homemade treats yourself with your family and buy pre-made candy from your local grocery store. 


Move your vehicle

Sometimes kids can be in a hurry and may bump into or trip over your car or truck or SUV if it is in your driveway close to your walkway. This can lead to scratches on your vehicle or even a kid getting hurt if they bump their head on a fender, trailer hitch, or mirror. Move your vehicle away or park on the street if possible to make sure it is out of the direct path of traffic leading up to your house.


Bonus: Learn basic first aid skills

You never know when you might encounter a kid who was running and trips or any other accident that may happen. If you know some basic first aid skills you can help to stabilize and keep the child safe and ready for Halloween fun. 


Have a safe and fun holiday this year and dress warm, it’s gonna be a cold one!