During the warmer months of the year we are often inspired to take care of those outdoor chores because that is where we spend our time. No one wants to relax on the patio and look at a messy backyard. In the winter, we are mostly stuck inside which means we should want to take care of our indoor chores. While that might not always ring true, we have put together a list of easy fixes for those annoying inside projects so that you can take care of them quickly. At least this will help us stay busy until we can dust off the BBQ and get back outside!

Squeaky Doors

One the easiest problem areas to fix is squeaky doors. WD-40 or petroleum jelly does the job. Either spray the hinges with WD-40 or coat them in petroleum jelly. Move the door back and forth a few times for no more squeaking. Be sure to wipe away any extra lubricant to avoid dust collection.


Creaking Floors

Creaking hardwood floors can be irritating. To take care of this issue, simply sprinkle some talcum powder onto the problem areas and sweep into the cracks. The squeaking should cease and you can now enjoy quiet floors. If floors begin to squeak again, simply repeat the process.


Stained Tubs

For a bathroom tub that looks a little less white, mix equal amounts of baking soda, Cream of Tartar, and lemon juice to create a paste. Apply the paste to the stains and let it sit for about 45 minutes before rinsing with warm water. This process will have your tub looking bright in no time.


Slamming Cabinets Doors

Opening and closing cabinet doors can make quite a racket, and the cabinets can take a beating. Purchasing packs of peel and stick drawer bumpers from a home improvement store can solve both problems. Be sure to clean the cabinet doors before applying the bumpers to ensure the bumpers stay put. This easy fix stops the sound of slamming cabinet doors and protects the cabinets.


Sticky Drawers

Hard to pull out or sticking drawers can be annoying. An easy way to fix this is to pull the drawers out and rub Gulf wax along the tracks of the drawers. Once the drawers are back in place, you should find the drawers slide much better when opening and closing them.


Ceiling Water Stains

To remove those pesky water stains on your ceiling try spraying the stain with a solution of 90% bleach, 10% water. Leave the solution on the stain for a day or two and it should disappear. If not, a quick touch up with paint should clear up the issue. Remember, a water stain could be a sign of a bigger problem so get a professional out to take a look.


Calcium Build-up

Over time a showerhead may not work to its full capacity because of calcium build-up on the exterior. To remove the calcium build-up and get that full spray back, fill a plastic quart sized bag with white vinegar, immerse the showerhead in the plastic bag, and attach the bag with a rubber band to the showerhead. Leave the bag on the showerhead overnight and most of the build-up should disappear. If the full spray does not return, you may have to remove the showerhead to remove particle build-up from inside.