Beating the heat in the summer is a full time job. It’s not just your house that needs to be cooled down, it’s your car, your office, and everywhere else you may be during the day. Unless you are blessed to be in Anchorage, Alaska where the average high temperature for late July is about 68 degrees Fahrenheit. For those us stuck in the scorching heat here in Boise and the rest of Idaho, we have a few things to discuss today that will help you keep the heat at bay (and have fun doing it!).


One of the best ways to stay cool during the harsh, hot summers here in the high desert is with cool food. We have designed for you a perfect menu for a dinner party with friends and family this summer that requires zero heat to prepare! It’s a win-win scenario. You get to entertain your guests with great food and you don’t have to spend any time over a burning hot stove or barbeque grill. 

Photo: Food Network 


All great dinner parties start with two things: Refreshing drinks and tantalizing appetizers. For today’s menu, we are going to be serving up an ice cold twist on an old classic: The Long Island Iced Tea. This recipe is handcrafted by none other than Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. Not only is he classy and amazing, his cocktails are too! This iced concoction is perfect for cooling down your guests and for getting the party started off right. It contains equal parts vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and triple sec, with an ounce of sour mix. It’s finished with a splash of rose champagne and sliced lime. Sweet, sour, refreshing and strong! Full recipe here. 



Ok, this appetizer is the perfect compliment to any summer party. What food reminds us more of July than corn? We are serving up a chilled sweet corn soup garnished with cold cherry tomatoes and jalapeno slices. This is a quick way to create a delicious chilled treat that will put a bit of summer in every bite. It can be made the day before so you can technically still have a full day of entertaining without turning on the stove. This may even enhance the flavor as it will get to marinade overnight in the fridge. Here’s the recipe (it only takes about 20 minutes, top to bottom).



Main Course

For our main course, we’re going to Italy. We will be serving up a triple meat, savory, crowd-pleasing dinner sandwich: The Muffuletta. This giant Italian sandwich has everything your hungry guests will want. It has three types of deli meat, olives, sweet red peppers, parsley, garlic, and (of course) CHEESE! This can be made ahead as well and stored in your fridge overnight. Simply serve the entire loaf on a platter and slice pieces of it like a big sandwich cake! Here’s the full recipe. 



What dinner party is complete without dessert? Especially in the summer where a cold dessert will help keep the heat at bay. We recommend this pistachio icebox pie. It only has five ingredients and is devilishly easy to make. Simply combine, pour, freeze, and serve! This dessert is a beautiful lime green in color and is slightly salty at first with a sweet finish that will leave your guests lining up at your freezer door for more. Pro tip: make sure to make an extra batch to serve after the first one gets devoured. Here’s the recipe. 


We hope you enjoy your next dinner party and that you are able to beat the heat this summer!