When the comedian and host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, came to perform in Boise he asked the audience what was with everyone asking if he liked the outdoors! He was shocked by just how proud Idahoans are of the abundance of outdoor recreation options in our lovely state. Perhaps rightfully so. No shame here though! The Boise's Best Real Estate Team loves to get out and soak up the sun while floating the river, cruising the Greenbelt or hitting the foothills for a hike. Hikes have been our go-to outdoor fix lately so, we wanted to share some of our favorite trails to trek in the Boise area.

First up on our list is Adelmann Mine off HWY 21. At 4.7 miles down and back with a rather steep trek up, this trail offers quite the workout with an easier decent and great views all along the way. Upon reaching the top, hikers are welcomed by the the historic gold mine itself which happens to be quite photogenic. The opportunity to explore nature and history as well as the views is what puts this hike on our list. As with any trail there are a few pros and cons. 

Adelmann Mine pros:

  • Hikers get a workout worthy of a good sweat
  • Meeting other friendly hikers
  • Dog friendly (on leash)
  • Down and back means you can't get lost!
  • Nature and history in one go
  • Little to no shade (pro or con here, depending on the hiker)

Adelmann Mine cons:

  • Limited parking at wildlife management area or alongside hwy 21
  • Roadkill carcass pit - this sounds a bit extreme but it is not so bad. Just better to be aware before you go and happen upon a this roadkill graveyard without knowing what is going on. I am sure you are wondering about the smell, not so bad either. If it is hot and later in the day it will be noticeable but not for much of the trail.


Another favorite is Table Rock, a must-hike for any adventurer in the Boise area. This hike offers multiple trails to choose from, but we are choosing to highlight the Table Rock Trail, a moderate 3.7 mile loop with an elevation gain of 895 ft.. We love to go for hike right around this time of year when the wildflowers are blooming...just don't forget the allergy medicine! Given Table Rock is kid friendly, dog friendly and not incredibly challenging, it is quite the popular area. The multiple trails keep the hike pretty light as far as traffic, but the top, which offers great photos ops with the giant cross or the beautiful views, is typically pretty congested. We recommend hitting the trail before 9 am if you are looking for more solitude. 

Table Rock Trail pros:

  • Ample parking
  • Public restrooms in parking lot
  • Cell service throughout hike
  • Dog and horse friendly

Table Rock Trail cons:

  • Little to no shade
  • Busier than other trails in the area
  • Trail signs can be confusing, best to know your route or use an app like AllTrails to help guide you


Our last delight to mention is the Military Reserve Park in the lower Boise Foothills. Yes we are talking about trails, but we couldn't forgo the opportunity to delve into this 734 acre facility with fun ranging from archery to trails to a bike park. So much to indulge in here! Now back to trails. Our favorite trail here is the Crestline Sidewinder Loop Trail at 9.6 miles with an elevation gain of 1,443 feet. A bit heftier of hike than our other options, we recommend making a day of this one and packing a lunch to enjoy along the way and plenty of water. This trail is rather exposed, but no trouble, just be prepared for lots of sun and lots of wind so you are still comfortable enough to enjoy the trek. 

Military Reserve pros:

  • Ample parking
  • Multiple trail options as well as other adventurous activities
  • Wide open views, great for wildflower season
  • Great Workout
  • Well marked trails

Military Reserve cons:

  • Exposure can be a lot if not prepared
  • You really have to keep an eye out for bikers here
  • Trails are quite narrow in many places


Now time to hit the trails and enjoy an adventure. Please remember to be courteous to other hikers along the way and to our beautiful trails. Click here to brush up on hiking etiquette and stay on mother nature's good side. Trek safely friends!