So, we all know Boise has been growing rather quickly, right? People are coming from all over the country with different opinions, different beliefs and different ideas. All of that mixed with the increased traffic and construction could potentially lead to a cantankerous and quarrelsome community. Not here. Not in Boise! 

After growing up in a small, rural town in Alabama (population of only 709!) where, yes you know everyone’s name, I was very intimidated to move to Boise without ever having visited the place. I remember I was so nervous my first day here five years ago, I was just hoping to keep up. Boise and the wonderful people of The Treasure Valley have melted away that anxiety I felt on day one.

Now 5 years a resident in this stunningly gorgeous state, I feel obligated to share with you all what I feel you all have shared with me, and that is kindness. Not just any kindness, however; I mean I want to share #BoiseKind.


#BoiseKind is a little idea that enraptured me very quickly. I brought it to my awesome executive, Leigh Wilson, to see if she could help expand the reach, so here we are asking for you all to help. It all originated one evening as rush hour approached...


I was heading West on Overland Road, making my way home after a typical workday as I rolled to a stop at the Cole and Overland light. As most of you reading this know, Cole and Overland happen to be exceptionally busy roads, especially at rush hour. So, I was rather confused upon noticing two vehicles in the far-right lane, each with a door wide open. I looked around to see the fender bender that had these drivers getting out in the middle of traffic. That is not what I found. I then listened for horns and shouting. That is not what I heard. I then looked for the gestures I was sure would accompany this seemingly pointless stop. Rather, I saw the sweetest little thing that I will never forget.


Apparently, a pedestrian had fallen on the sidewalk just before I pulled up to this red light. Lucky for me, I arrived just in time to see two incredibly kind individuals, selflessly hop out of their cars to help the fallen pedestrian. I watched in awe as these two strangers came together to assist another stranger to his feet. The kindness continued as I noticed another pedestrian, a fourth stranger in the mix, walk up to escort the gentleman through the crosswalk and to the other side of the road, ensuring his safety. Meanwhile, no one in their vehicles felt the need to honk or gesture or shout. I like to think the other drivers were in as much appreciation of this kindness as I was and still am.


It has been a few months now, but I still have not been able to get that day out of my head. And I could not be more grateful! I thank you Boise for giving me this experience and this story to share.


Now as for #BoiseKind, well, I am going to ask you all for a bit more. I would be so excited to read and hear about your #BoiseKind story. I know we have all seen at least one random act of kindness that inspired us. I say we give that act a little more umph. Preferably a lot more umph!! Share your #BoiseKind story and tag Boise's Best Real Estate Team so that we can see, experience and share your #BoiseKind story with as many people as we can. Let’s highlight the positive. We will always fall once in a while, but it is not so bad when you know someone will be there to help you up. I am so elated to be in a place where we lift one another up.




Kelly Crowe